The Approved Inspection Point at your service

Mission statement and core business

As an approved inspection site Keurpunt guarantees optimum and efficient service provision, as a result of which the FASFC and customs can organise themselves as effectively as possible, with minimum inconvenience to the party being inspected. It also focuses on ensuring the FASFC and customs import and export procedures to be followed by all market participants can run in optimum circumstances.

With “door to door” punctual delivery is your top priority, and so ours too! Keurpunt strives to offer unparalleled flexibility. We are at your service between 06:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs. Having good agreements in place with the FASFC is crucially important in this regard. Thanks to excellent communication with all parties concerned we achieve smooth process scheduling, thus minimising waiting times.

If both FASFC and customs inspections are to take place, we schedule these in successively for you. Our guiding principle is: STOP & GO.

We aim to provide efficient, qualitative and purposeful inspections. We communicate promptly and clearly, and aim to meet the needs and expectations of the FASFC, customs and our customers. Proactive partnership is key.

With physical inspections we handle the goods upon the FASFC and customs’ instructions. Moreover, upon your request, we can take care of document assistance, quality controls and pre-quality controls for you.

Should a problem be ascertained with a consignment, thanks to our prompt and cooperative service provision we can offer ad hoc solutions, thus minimising additional costs and/or waiting times.

‘stop & go’