The Approved Inspection Point at your service

Cooperation between customs and Keurpunt, an approved inspection site in Antwerp

The General Administration of Customs and Excise (GAC&E) is charged with supervising the Union’s international channels of trade, and in so doing, with contributing towards the general safety of the supply chain.

A significant number of products that are imported within the EU are subject to inspection. According to customs regulations, the consignment may only be imported once the phytosanitary inspection is complete. In concrete terms this means a consignment remains under customs supervision until such a time the phytosanitary inspection is complete.

Customs inspection at Keurpunt

You prepare the IMA document, linked to the VerificatieBureau that works alongside Keurpunt.

Keurpunt can have both documentation inspection and relocations handled at the FASFC, and then offer them up to Customs.

At Verificatie, Keurpunt schedules the inspection in for you. Should a physical FASFC inspection also be required, we will schedule in all the inspections simultaneously in order to minimise your waiting times.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Keurpunt schedules inspections in simultaneously.