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General vision

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) fulfils its mission statement with the utmost care and professionalism so that both domestic and foreign consumers and the operators can enjoy continued trust in the safety of our food chain.

The FASFC’s mission statement covers the entire food chain, as well as animal and plant health. An increasingly integrated and end-to-end strategy ensures optimum safeguarding of all activities within its scope of authority.

With its inspection methodology the FASFC embodies a systematic, standardised strategy that in turn yields fully-documented, comprehensive and transparent inspections. Underpinning this is a scientific inspection and sampling programme that evolves in conjunction with new demands and risks.

In addition, the FASFC ensures that via its enforcement policy, which focuses on changing conduct, non-conformity is vigorously tackled.

The FASFC organises itself as efficiently and effectively as possible, with minimum inconvenience to the party being inspected. It strives towards optimum cross-sector cooperation, in both internal and external processes. It safeguards a good balance between the autonomous execution of tasks, and the delegation thereof, and works in close collaboration with its partners, with an eye to optimum implementation.

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