The Approved Inspection Point at your service

The declaration procedure for other vegetable-based foodstuffs and animal feeds at Keurpunt

  • Ideally you must make your declaration to the FASFC one week and at least 24 hours in advance
  • Once you’ve made your declaration to the FASFC, you’ll be given a FASFC file number
  • You will receive a response from the FASFC within 24 hours and will be informed which physical inspection (if any) is required
  • In the instance of a physical inspection please send the FASFC email through to Keurpunt. We will then get in touch with you
  • Keurpunt provides physical goods assistance upon the FASFC’s instructions
  • The physical inspection always occurs in the presence of a representative designated by you. Should you wish Keurpunt to provide you with this assistance as a supplementary extra, we are happy to take care of that for you.

See our rates here, and those for supplementary services.

Further information about the import of foodstuffs can be found here.

Keurpunt tracks your file closely.