The Approved Inspection Point at your service

Keurpunt, an approved inspection site in Antwerp

Keurpunt is a FASFC approved inspection site in the Port of Antwerp. Operators can utilise Keurpunt’s facilities when it comes to the inspection of imported potatoes, fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. Similarly, the wood packaging material and wood that is subject to inspection upon import can also be inspected at Keurpunt.

We carry out the inspections, upon the FASFC’s instruction, on all products that are subject to physical, phytosanitary, quality and documentation inspection, as well as on products that are subject to CED regulations.

Keurpunt provides its services between 06:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs, subject to appointments arranged in advance with the FASFC. We offer prompt inspections in line with our ‘stop & go’ principle.

Keurpunt facilitates you with customs formalities, enabling you to fulfil your customs obligations correctly.

Keurpunt provides its services pertaining to import and export formalities in line with the legislation that applies to the products being imported or exported.

Upon request Keurpunt can provide extra services such as assisting the FASFC representative during the inspections, the administrative completion and submission of documentation during the inspection, as well as supplying the requisite documents to the mandated customs authorities.

Accurate, efficient inspections with no waiting times