The Approved Inspection Point at your service

The extra (document) assistance service provided at Keurpunt

Upon request Keurpunt can provide documentation assistance. We do so by preparing the inspection file and ensuring all requisite documentation is to hand. We also assist and guide the FASFC representative during the inspection.

Once you are declared with the FASFC, please send all official documents and certificates, such as the import/export declaration form for vegetable-based products, the original phytosanitary certificate (if necessary), and any other documents, to Keurpunt.

The original documents, such as the phytosanitary certificate, and the quality control certificate of the country of origin for example, must be sent to Keurpunt or be handed in at Keurpunt by courier. If no original documentation is required for the inspection, please simply email everything through.

We will then prepare the comprehensive file and will ensure all documentation is to hand so that the inspection proceeds smoothly. Upon approval the FASFC controller completes the certificates and stamps them.

We will email you the result of the inspection straightaway, thus ensuring your goods can be delivered on time. The entire file, along with the officially-stamped certificates can be collected by courier.

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