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The export declaration procedure at Keurpunt

Certain vegetable-based products that are exported to a destination outside of the European Union must, for some third countries, include a phytosanitary certificate and/or import licence. The import stipulations may be listed on the import licence. You must submit the import licence to the FASFC.

Likewise, certain third countries stipulate that the consignment includes a health certificate for the export of foodstuffs and other products. And possibly a conformity check certificate or proof of notification that verifies that the products meet prevailing marketing standards.

For the export of potatoes, fruit and vegetables where a phytosanitary certificate is required, you are advised to contact the FASFC directly (tel.: +32 (0)3 543 66 40) but otherwise, please always feel free to contact us.

For the export and re-export of other vegetable-based products that require a phytosanitary certificate, you are advised to contact the FASFC (between 09:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs): Tel.: +32 (0)3 543 66 36

Further information about the phytosanitary export certificate can be found here.
Further information about the re-export certificate can be found here.
Both generic and specific export information can be found here.

Via “multistop” Keurpunt can handle the FASFC inspection for you.

Keurpunt is also at your service to export.