The Approved Inspection Point at your service

The extra quality control service following rejection at Keurpunt

If the result of the physical inspection by the FASFC is negative then the entire consignment in question will be rejected.

However, it is often a part of the consignment that fails to meet import stipulations. So as to prevent the entire consignment having to be destroyed, you can request a quality control of the entire consignment at Keurpunt. This is undertaken by a quality agency that provides you with a quality report as to the actual condition of the goods. You'll receive an overview of which goods (and/or pallets, and/or part of the consignment) meet or fail to meet import stipulations. This evaluation occurs, among others, on the basis of packing stations, and producer identification.

With this report a new inspection can be requested at the FASFC. If the inspection is rated positively you can assume control of this part of the consignment, which you can then have sent on to the final destination.

Only the rejected goods have to be destroyed, under the supervision of the FASFC, which in turn means a significant cost-saving on your part.

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Quality controls save costs.